One of the few bloggers who updates even less than I do is also a good friend of mine. Rob Davis writes a monthly column and reviews for Paste magazine, but what I enjoy most about Rob are the conversations that we have at the Toronto Film Festival and occasionally throughout the year. He brought a fancy digital recorder to Toronto last year, and we recorded a short “interview” about the festival. Inspired by that experience and other conversations, we’ve decided to start recording podcasts about film and whatever else inspires us. I won’t jinx ourselves by predicting how often we’re going to do this, but we hope to be somewhat frequent. Rob is also going to post interviews he’s done, and I hope to add some of my own as time goes on.

Our first conversation includes our discussion from Toronto last year along with a long talk about ’07 so far. But also make sure you check out Rob’s highly entertaining interview with director Guy Maddin. Not only is the interview great fun but Rob has included a list of all the films mentioned.