Almost two years ago exactly, I started this blog. Even then, I was ambivalent about it, unsure if I had the enthusiasm or stamina to write consistently. And with a few exceptions like covering the Toronto Film Festival and writing about my trip to Barcelona, my initial hesitation has borne out. Yeah, I posted a few reviews, but lately I’ve mostly just been alerting people to whatever new podcast Robert Davis and I recorded.

So it will surprise whatever current readers I still have to announce that I’m starting a new blog. And I’m a lot more excited about this one. It’s called Daily Plastic, and it’s a site that the aforementioned Mr. Davis and I have put together. To be honest, most of the cool stuff, like the Movie Grid, is Rob’s doing, though I may have contributed a few ideas. The site will mostly revolve around film, at least at first. But I suspect it’ll expand as we go along. And our podcast will become even more consistent in its new home.

There’s something ironic about switching from a blog in which I updated maybe twice a month to a site that has “daily” in its title. But the process of collaborating with Rob on the podcast has been invigorating, as have been our preparations this summer for the new project. For reasons unclear, the idea of working with someone on a film site is a lot more exciting than writing on my own.

I still plan on doing occasional updates here at Framing Device with content that doesn’t quite fit at Plastic (though that will eventually be a pretty wide-ranging affair). But most of my writing will settle comfortably at Daily Plastic. I hope you’ll join me there.